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Feature Request - Support automatic mappings for Studio One Sound Variations.

Presonus have made the API available for devs to implement support for automatic mappings for S1 Sound Variations (Articulations)

VSL are leading the way and if you are using the Synchron player Studio one talks to the player sees what articulation mappings it has and automatically updates and implements them in studio one.

I request Spitfire look at this in future updates as this would be incredibly powerful and a huge time saver in the future.

info and seeing it in action here



  • A great idea!

  • Fingers crossed spitfire look into it.

  • Yes, ditto here. It looks like either A) a massive time saver or B) a great aid to creativity as it makes experimenting with articulations much more fluid a process.

    So yes, please implement this Spitfire folk.



  • Hi,

    I'm a Studio One Pro 5.2 user, and would love to see Spitfire Audio implement the Sound-Variations feature into their Sample Libraries, this would be an awesome feature to speed up the production process.

    Spitfire Audio, please implement this feature. It will make using your libraries a lot easier with regards to articulation switching.


  • i will throw in a vote for this as well.

  • Now this is a Wonderful Idea. I use Studio On 5.2 as well. I Love Spitfire and their products! It would be a Dream if they worked like VSL. I hope they do make some changes so their products work as nice as VSL!

    Please ?????

  • +1

  • Yes please !!

  • +1 on this!

  • Hi everyone and @easyrider, just a quick note to say that we are actively in contact with Presonus in regards to Sound Variation integration, but we cannot commit to a timeline or list of products that might be integrated at this stage.

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