OUT NOW! - Originals Jangle Box Piano ⁠🎹

Spitfire Audio
edited July 2021 in Originals

In partnership with the world-famous Abbey Road Studios we have expertly recorded a unique piece of music history in Studio Two — the legendary home of pop and rock’n’roll. ⁠

A piano with two distinct characters: one mellow and dark; the second, percussive, bright and jangly, enjoy a versatile range of presets and controls enabling extensive customisation.⁠

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  • Burglekutt
    edited July 2021

    Sweet! When I first stumbled upon the world of sampling last year after googling to see if there was a way to get better piano sounds in GarageBand than the stock pianos, I loved the sound of the Mrs. Mills and Challen pianos that Cinesamples had, and was bummed to find out they stopped selling them not long before I found out about them. Not a problem now that Spitfire has sampled both, nice!

    Can’t wait to play this one, the jangly sound of it fits perfectly with how I like to play when I sit down and just jam out.

  • Excellent work! Really wish we could have the option to tune the low register notes (E2 to lowest note). They're kind of all over the place tuning-wise and unusable. Honestly to be able to tweak tuning of all notes would be great. Is it possible to release a version with a perfectly tuned preset or to maybe put a laser tuned mode on a botton?

  • Hi @Beermountain - thanks for the feedback! Since this characteristic is such a distinct part of this piano and its history, it would be unlikely to see a tuned version released. However, I am happy to pass your feedback along to the team!