Jangle Box Piano CPU Hungry

Hi guys!

I'm loving the sound of the new library but saw that a single patch uses quite a bit of RAM (around 1.5 GB) which for my 16GB MBP is not that ideal, especially not in a full production.

Any way to bring the usage down? To purge unused samples or something?


  • Hi @filipjonathan

    I'm glad you love the sound of Jangle Box! RAM and CPU usage can be dependent on a few different things. What is the maximum voices set to in the plugin's settings?

    The more voices that are used, the higher the load placed on the CPU will be. I have it set to 128 voices, which allows for me to use the plugin without voice stealing and no CPU spikes on my MacBook.

    Another setting to try adjusting is the preload buffer size, which will be found below the maximum voices. Lowering the preload buffer size will reduce the amount of sample content being preloaded into RAM, which should show a reduction in the amount of RAM being used as a result.

    If that doesn't work, I recommend creating a support request from this page, so that we can have a closer look!

  • Thank you for the reply @Stewart!

    Btw, I meant RAM hungry, not CPU. Anyway, I haven't gotten it still. I saw the RAM usage from the walkthrough video. If there's a way to drastically lower the RAM usage I will happily buy it. Otherwise, it's not a very smart thing to do since, NOIRE, which while deeper sampled than Jangle Box takes only around 300 MB.