Originals Presets vs different signal mixes

I think the advertising is a bit confusing/misleading with these. For example, the new Jangle Box says it comes with six presets and 3 different signal chains. But If I'm not mistaken there are really only two patches included with this and one patch has 4 different mixes and the other has 2 mixes.

I think it would be cool in this series to distinguish what patches are made of different samples vs just a different microphone mix. This is extra true for something like firewood piano where there are 5 presets, but It's not clear if Felt+Pads is the same patch as just picking Felt and turning the Pad signal up. The Warps patch in Firewood seems to be comprised of different warped samples. Comparatively, in the Cimbalom Originals the Warp patch seems to just be the normal patch but with the attack turned up and only the pitched signal. Again it is confusing as to whether a pre-set is a different set of samples or just a different mix.


  • I was confused, as I was working with the cinematic pads, and I thought the presets were different instruments. After checking the manual, it was pretty clear that presets are just that. Pre-configurations for the different settings. In that instance, there are 3 signals and "instruments", but you get to mix with the levels and full ADSR control. The presets affected the different mic levels of the 3 different synths.

    Maybe the manual might clear this up for the latest release? I can see why it gets all confusing what different instruments are actually there as opposed to presets; I was confused for a bit, but the layout is actually pretty in-depth. The presets are kinda pointless to me currently.

  • Originals Pads was the most confusing actually. Because some of those different presets are in fact different mixes of signals but others are totally different samples. It says there are 45 pads and 23 presets but how to access them and which are duplicates is pretty confusing.

    I don't think the Originals series has manuals. At least they aren't listed with the rest of the Libraries.

  • There’s a manual for Jangle Box:

    I also see one for Cinematic Pads, so I’d assume they’re available for the others. They’re accessible through the ‘More Info’ links.

  • Uh yeah there's only 3 different synths for cinematic pads lol (and only 23 presets), and there are manuals for all of the Originals as far as I can tell. I downloaded a few just to see what was included. As celloman said, the links are under the "more info" area.

  • The Cinematic Pads manual doesn't explain which pad presets contain the same or different signals. Some of the presets seem to be the same as others with different signal mixes while others are totally different samples. The manual is more of a guide to how to use the Originals host plug in and less about whats going on with the sounds.