Spitfire libraries used in NON film music


Do you know any record, artist or song in particular, anything other than film/game/ambient music, where Spitfire libraries are used? Or where you can recognize the typical Spitfire sound



  • I used Spitfire stuff all over this record. Some pretty esoteric old patches in there, too, like the old Henson's Frozen Strings from LABS before it became its own player. There are obviously non-Spitfire sounds, too, and I played all the guitars and stuff live, but the general foundation is definitely Spitfire-heavy.


  • My s***post album used BBCSO Discover. I will not be sharing that here. The title is highly questionable as are the song titles.

    I'm working on my hyperpop jazz funk electronic rock mess album which makes use of Core, Hainbach - Landfill Totems, Alex Epton - Entropy, Darkstar - Haunted House, Firewood Piano, Mrs. Mills Piano, Cinematic Soft Piano, and LABS drums. This is combined with effects like Wavesfactory's Cassette (cassette tape and player sim), and Neural DSP's Archetype: Cory Wong (guitar amp sim). I primarily use them for tape saturation and amp distortion respectively.

  • I have used Masse and several patches from the Symphonic series and Solo strings on songs written by a Croatian symphonic metal duo based in Dublin

  • Literally all of the virtual instruments i used on this record (Drums, Piano, Strings, Bells).


  • @LorenzoBarcella

    The SA Recordings side of our libraries are almost exclusively releases that are not geared at film music. They are standalone records that feature a plugin/sound library to compliment. Have a look through our catalog here: https://sarecordings.com/ there is a great variety of stuff!

  • I’d say that you can use any sound in any music as long as you know how and where to place that sound in the composition.

    Choirs, strings, brass, woodwinds, pianos, pipe organs, etc are easily used in (prog) rock music.

    Ballads can do with some strings,…

    You, just need to play around and come up with a nice combination of instruments for a song or composition.

  • Quite some hip hop guys use spitfire libraries