Studio One Crashes

I recently deleted the LABS Percussion library. Subsequently I experienced constant crashes of Studio One on a song project when using LABS. It wasn't until I re-instated the Percussion library (from recycle bin) that these crashes abated.

I deleted the Percussion folder from the "Presets" and "Samples" folders but I think I may have forgot to delete the Percussion folder in the "Patches" folder. Would this have caused an issue?

Is there a "correct" procedure for deleting unwanted LABS libraries that I'm unaware of?

BTW, I'm still experiencing an occasional crash and unstable behaviour but not nearly as bad as before.

Using a Win 10 PC with Studio One


  • Hi @pannacotta

    In terms of the plugin crashing, I would make sure you have the latest version of Studio One and LABS (1.3.11- which is indicated in the bottom right corner of the plugin).

    If you need to remove LABS libraries, you will need to delete the specific library folder from each of the Patches, Presets, and Samples folders. Tutorial here: