Anyone know if there is some hidden way to get this articulation in any of the string libraries. I can't find them on anything I own.

Studio Strings Professional

Solo Strings


  • Hi @femitone - great question! The secret to unlocking the portamento transitions will be to use a very low velocity (between 1-19) on the notes you are transitioning between. Be sure to hold down your sustain pedal (if you have one) or overlap the MIDI notes slightly.

    Both Spitfire Studio Strings and Spitfire Solo Strings include portamento transitions in the legato patches. The articulations included in our libraries can be found by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the product pages (linked above), past the reviews section, under the "What's Included" lists.

  • Thanks @Sarah just found that out lol. Thank you for your speedy intervention

  • I just purchased Spitefire Professional. Very pleased. I do know I will be using glissando and portamento, does spitefire have this as a Technique I can use?