How do you upload your work to Instagram?

I usually try to send music to my phone to upload easier but it tends to go silent (or obnoxiously loud with white noise!)

Hoping one of you wise gems can answer!



  • Typically I use the iMovie app which allows you to import music straight from your iTunes. Then I just get a little creative with cropping, but at least the sound quality is there!

  • Peter Satera
    edited March 2021

    Have a look at turning your browser to developer mode. This can change your browser to be seen as a mobile device.

  • Patrick McCarthy
    edited March 2021

    @ÜUCE_music This is a difficult topic to cover, as there are many ways to do this and it does depend on your setup. For iOs, I have an iPhone without a headphone port. So, I use an audio interface (you need to make sure that it is compatible with iOs) and the camera connection kit (lightning to USB adapter) to get audio from an external source into the iPhone and record the video with that audio. This video explains it simply, using an iPhone and an affordable Focusrite audio interface.

    Roland also makes the Go Mixer, which is in an all-in-one solution.

    With either, you should be able to record from an external source directly into your phone and use your phone's video app to capture images and edit in the phone's video editing program (iMovie, in my case). I will say that with both solutions listed here, it's not always been smooth sailing. That's why many use a digital camera with a dedicated audio-in port to record videos for socials.