Default Preset option not working


since last update (1.2.1) I noticed that whenever I load an instance of BBCSO plugin, it immediately load up the Strings: Violins 1 preset. I wish to go back to before, when it was just an empty preset, since I have many templates with empty instances for quick loading... now they are all Violins :(

I'm aware that in the Settings page there's an option to set the Default Preset to None (see attached screenshot), but no matter what, everytime I load a new instance of BBCSO, it defaults to Strings: Violins 1.

Any ideas? Also, how am I supposed to clear the current preset? There is no "init" or "empty" preset.


  • Hi @theMidiTamer

    We are aware of this issue, and this will hopefully be patched in the next update. I have created a ticket for you, so that I can notify you when the patched update becomes available.

  • Same here for Albion colossus or any spitfire library ... unfortunatelly

  • I posted this in an unrelated conversation, but in case it helps:

    [...] if the plugin is not remembering your choice, perhaps it's not updating its settings file. I just tried editing the file manually and it worked fine, so you could try that if you're comfortable doing so?

    The file is called 'BBC Symphony Orchestra.settings', in 'Users/[your username]/Music/Spitfire Audio/Settings' on a Mac, and - the manual tells me - at 'C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio\Settings' on a Windows machine. If you open that in a Notepad (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Mac), you should find one or more <VALUE ....> tags with 'name' set to 'uniqueDefaultPreset' with/without a number on the end, e.g. <VALUE name="uniqueDefaultPreset5" val="Strings: Violins 1"/>. At a guess, I'd expect you to see two or three. They're not necessarily next to each other in the file.

    If those tags don't already have 'val' set to "None", then that could indeed be the issue. I updated each of the 'uniqueDefaultPreset...' tags so that val="None", e.g. the example above becomes <VALUE name="uniqueDefaultPreset5" val="None"/>. Saving the file, re-opening the DAW, and creating a new instance of the BBCSO plugin then gives me an empty instance with no preset selected.