Olafur Arnalds - Stratus Update

For those asking about how to know whether your Stratus library is updated with the new patches Olafur discussed in his latest video with Spitfire, the additional patches are as follows and can be found in the main library directory:

- 08 Synth Matrix - Looped Rhythms 2
- 09 Synth Matrix - Looped Rhythms 3
- 10 Synth Matrix - Looped Rhythms 4
- 11 Synth Matrix - Waves
- 12 Synth Matrix - Swarms 2
- 13 Synth Matrix - Swarms 3
- 14 Synth Matrix - Swarms 4
- 15 Synth Matrix - Swarms 5
- 16 Synth Matrix - Swarms 6

It appears in the library as below:

If you do not have the update in your Library folder, check the Spitfire Audio App to see if the update is available there to install. This must be installed to your Stratus folder. If you have installed elsewhere, or do not have the update available, you should Reset the library to the Latest Update. More info here: How do I Redownload a Library or Update?