Need a new mobile setup for Logic (work is back!)

Hey folks. Not a noob… but I now have to have a mobile setup again (COVID is no longer hurting road work come September apparently). I’m a symphonic arranger, in Logic, so it’s going to be a MacBook Pro 16”. My question is this… are we in place where processing is the thing? Will 32GB with the best processor do it? Or is 64GB still necessary? Probably won’t run anymore than 75 tracks, mostly BBCSO Pro and various Kontakt libraries (Ethera, Pianoforte, Threnody for example). Synths and plugins are largely Logic stock, Izotope, and Kilohearts. Appreciate the help and the potential few hundred I could possibly save. Be brutally honest. Cheers!


  • Oh. Sibelius Ultimate for notation. Forgot to mention that.

  • Russell
    edited July 2021

    @Bradley I use BBCSO, Abbey Road One and various other libraries. I was constantly getting RAM warnings with Pro Tools and 32 Gigs RAM. Upgraded to 64 Gig and no more issues. I usually don’t have anywhere near 75 tracks. CPU average usage is 18%. Dual Processor 40 Core.

  • Thanks Russell. I appreciate it. It seems from various forums that maxing out RAM is still a wise decision. Your comment was very helpful!

  • gregoryd
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    It depends on how you have tracks enabled and all that… I can say that I’ve stayed under 32gb pretty easily with a bunch of Kontakt and bbcso tracks enabled. If you find that your project is kinda having blips and stuff, I’d start disabling and offloading the ones you don’t actively need :) and then there’s bouncing and freezing tracks. Theres plenty of tricks for saving ram while I believe there’s nothing you can do to save your processor :/

    also, I think plugins like ozone and reverbs are reaaaaally going to eat up your ram; bussing or doing a reverb stem can eliminate the number of instances and yeah. I operated on a 2012 MacBook with 8gb of ram. That was a nightmare, but those are my thoughts.

  • @Bradley as others have mentioned 32GB of RAM should get you by. The most important thing is the processor- you will probably want something with at least 8-12 Cores if you are using multiple Mic signals in BBC SO Pro.