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Hi folks,

I'm a streamer who is really enjoying your products while making music onstream. One of the people in my community is a sight impaired guy who wants to do more with music production. Is there anything that can be done to provide a text-reader compatible option in your instrument interfaces? It could be a potential source of competitive advantage if you do, as I am aware of quite a few sight impaired musicians who would be excited to use a quality product that supports their needs.

Note: Not even the downloader client wasn't text to speech compatible.

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    Hi Jemma,

    Thanks for raising this issue. Going forward with our app we do intend to make this more easy to use for all users.

    During more recent times we have dedicated more of a push on the products. Examples being making the Originals release NKS, and also bringing the OA libraries up to NKS. However there is now a push behind the scenes with our app and I'm looking forward to seeing details shared as soon as possible.

    I will be happy to pass this feedback onto our development team, and if you have any issues with the current installer please do reach out and we could try remote access to aid you with any install issues.




  • Thank you Jack,

    I'll pass this response on to my friend. :)

  • Hi Jack,

    I'm happy to see a response to this issue so quickly. I am the individual Jemma was referring to.

    Currently, when I try to open the Spitfire app, my screenreader, NVDA ( essentially registers a blank screen. Although there are some ways of determining what text is being presented (NVDA has an OCR function built in), there is no way for me to correctly interact with the username or password fields and enter my information.

    I hope that beyond my immediate needs we can work to improve the accessibility of the client, as I can promise you there is a massive base of blind users out there who would eagerly experiment with your products in their productions.

    Thank you.

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    You're most welcome. I completely agree that we need to meet the needs of our blind users who wish to make the most of our software. I appreciate you providing the feedback with what you are currently experiencing. As mentioned previously, if you do require any assistance please do reach out to us.

    I am forwarding this thread to my colleague who is working closely with our development team to ensure our next app development has a feature set that caters for all customers. My understanding is he has been very vocal regarding screen reader technology for some time so I have high hopes of seeing this in the not so distant future. Unfortunately I can't make promises at this time, however there has been a lot of positive thought surrounding this topic.



  • Jemma, what is your YouTube channel?

  • Hello. I am another blind user interested in learning about Spitfire Audio things, especially as I am hoping to use the BBc library that I just received email about. I have downloaded the windows application, and installed it, but unfortunately, I am still receiving the same experience as the previous visually impaired user, no feedback, and no access to the user name and password fields. Is there any progress on making this piece of the experience more usable?

  • I'm also blind who uses screen reader. Trying to install BBC orchestra library and lab, but cannot perform any functions using Spitfire program. Hopefully it would be fixed soon.

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    Hi @Young_Choi

    You should be able to open BBC SO in Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol- which has accessibility features (screen reader functionality) which should help you use the instrument. LABS can also be opened in this way, but the presets will not appear in the library menu.