Kontakt just disappears


I just had another "disappearance" act with Kontakt. After I loaded sixteen instruments Kontakt just vanished from my screen. I looked away from the screen to check some notes and when I looked back, it was gone. When I went to the Kontakt app I could only retrieve an empty Kontakt screen, all the instruments were gone. I have no doubt it is somehow related to my latent luddite tendencies, but I would really appreciate any ideas you may have.



  • Addendum to my post:

    I am using Logic X and Angus and several other brave Spitfire souls tried to help me when this happened once before. I am just hoping a wider audience may have some ideas.

  • Hi @John Mann

    Have you contacted Native Instruments support?

    This is either a Kontakt Bug, or your system is not powerful enough to house that many instances of the library (most likely the former).

  • Angus,

    Thanks for your input. I think it is the latter as you suggest. I have 32 GB of memory and several one TB ss drives. I have contacted NI but no response yet.

    thanks again


  • Your Daw probably has a resource display or meter which will show how much RAM is being used . As you load a progressive number of Libraries or instances of Kontakt you will observe Ram usage and available Ram . If you can access such a function you can plot the Ram depletion and so find out roughly how many libraries will your system will support.

    I never have to use more than four instances of Kontakt, after sketching I render takes or send audio to a dedicated audio track then unload the library I no longer need at that time I have recorded 28 stereo audio tracks with this work flow using only two instances of Kontakt

    Hope this helps