Solo Violin volume extremely low? [Solved]

RESOLVED: Using Solo Violin's Dynamics and Expression controls together got me the volume I was looking for. Thanks for the great product! :)


I just downloaded and installed Solo Violin for use with REAPER. The problem is that I can barely hear the Solo Violin. I'm using a MIDI track to drive the violin; the MIDI track works fine with other instruments.

I've reviewed the manual and tried adjusting settings, including Expression, but the violin volume is so low it sounds like it's coming from my next door neighbor's house.

I'm new to Kontakt Player, so this is the first time I've worked with an instrument made for that. Did I miss a step there?


Kontakt Player 6.5.3 (R125)

REAPER v6.29/x64

Windows 10 Home v2004 OS build 19041.1052