Navigating to a Labs instrument

Greetings. First post.

This weekend, I've been noticing that when I try to use LABS in Logic, I don't seem to have the ability to navigate directly to the instrument I want. There's a drop down menu where I can audition sounds, but I can only use the arrow keys to load the next instrument, then the next etc., which inevitably crashes Logic, I assume because I'm overloading the 32G of RAM I have installed. I've searched the crashing problem and found all sorts of responses (yes, LABS is unstable; no, it isn't, you need to delete and reinstall everything to the same folder; etc.) but it seems like my inability to just load the instrument I want is the root of my problem. Am I missing something?



  • If you could video what you're doing, I could troubleshoot for you. Generally you just double click from that list, and it will load it instead of auditioning. Or you click the instrument then the load button.

  • Hi @mornings

    I would suggest reaching out to support, as this sounds like it could be an issue with the plugin: