Range of contrabass

Hello everyone

I have questions and suggestions

Spitfire audio


Solo strings

Studio strings


BBC Discover

2 types of Originals

I own

Any contrabass

I feel the range is narrow

Am I the only one who wants to get a little more treble?

You can use a cello instead

I need the high frequencies of the contrabass

I have experience playing both cello and contrabass

It's different

What do you think?


  • gregoryd
    edited June 2021

    Yeah I can see how the contra is technically a bit limited. They seem to compensate by having a pretty huge cello range. There's also no double bass legato in the solo strings which is a bit of a bummer. Gentle rule for string range is octave + 5th above highest string. So

    Violin E5 -> B6

    Viola A4 -> E6

    Cello A3 -> E5

    Contra G2/A2 -> D4

    It's a very light guide since strings can go so high, but the contra patches only reach an octave above the highest string so this can definitely be a bummer at times.

  • arigatou

    I think so too

    For ensembles and sections

    There are many cases where it can be managed

    For solo

    I have a lot of trouble

    I want a hard and gritty treble of double bass

  • Yes! I agree very much.

    In terms of late 19th / early 20th century classical music, the range from G3-E4 is extremely common, and unfortunately missing from every Spitfire library that I'm aware of. Cello D4 sounds nothing like Double Bass D4

  • Okay

    I'm after consideration

    I bought a solo contrabass for 8Dio


    Although it is the same KONTAKT sound source, the usage is naturally different

    If possible, if you use the same method, it will be smooth and simple to master and produce.

    in addition

    I like the sound of Spitfire