My latest project - Lindisfarne - hope to get some feedback :)

Hi, my name is Per - I have been a musician since 1972 when I started in my first band as a twelve year old boy. No more boy scout after that.. I followed my head and not my heart and ended up as an IT manager in my municipality even though I have been composing music and playing gigs all the way. Now, when I consider my self a grown up at the age of 61 - I had my "late spring" last year when seeing Christian Henson´s introduction to composing with classical instrumentation for the media on Youtube. After that - I was sold - and so were my wallet as I had to invest in these fantastic great sounding sample libraries from Spitfire audio. I am not a professional composer as you see, but wish to be able to make and distribute my music as I go forward.

So - here is one of my pieces - Lindisfarne - inspired by the historical events in 793.

In this composition I used: Hans Zimmer Percussion, Chamber strings, Aperture Orchestra, Originals Cimbalom, Symphonic woodwinds, Symphonic Brass, CDT Bass, Albion NEO, Eric Whitacre Choir, NI Stradivari violin.


  • This had a very cool distinct vibe to it. I enjoyed the theme of it and how you incorporated all of those quite different libraries into something that's cohesive and homogeneous sounding. Great job!

    For feedback: some might say there's not a lot of melodic/thematic content. I enjoyed listening throughout even if it was a little monotonous/repetitive cause I liked the texture. The bassoon (I believe) was a little odd sounding on the legato line. There was an instance where I almost thought it flubbed a note even though it's a midi instrument lol I think just make sure the legato transitions are synced with the tempo maybe using predelay and quantizing. Overall, I still loved it; really cool vibe that I haven't heard in a while

  • Thank you for the feeback - much appreciated!

  • Batzon
    edited June 2021

    Ouf that percussion is so beautiful.

    Otherwise like gregoryd mentioned, the mixdown is a little bit off (It's hard I know). I'm no expert myself but I would consider the 'more is less' approach. The attention of the listener gets drawn all over the place. Maybe put some elements more in the background if you don't want to leave them out. I would say give the listener some space and the sounds some room to fade out before introducing more pronounced elements (F.e. the cymbalon if I'm not mistaken). Otherwise you build a really great library already, I'm a little bit jealous ;).

  • Thank you so much Batzon - this is great learning:)