Blue Devils

I recently purchased the Blue Devils drumline originals. When I was younger I had the privilege of participating for 13 years in the Northstar drum and bugle corps drumline as a snare player. We regularly competed against the BD's and in many instances outscored them πŸ™‚ Needles to say I couldn't resist acquiring their samples.

For anyone else thinking about it, there's a couple of links below to demonstrate how the BD's and Santa Clara Vanguard "Drum Corps International" (DCI) drumlines play and to give an idea of how to write for them. Check out the bass lines! Split 16th note triplets across 5 drums in 12/8 at 140 bpm.

I've also included a link to one of elite brass sections. These are "warm up" sessions before performances. The DCI Finals Championship routinely draws 30-40 thousand spectators. The young people who participate get a fabulous music education throughout the year(s) and the experience of a lifetime.

As a spectator, there's nothing quite like experiencing in person an 80 person brass ensemble playing a Bb chord at Metzo Forte. Your chest caves in.

I was always a Drum Corps fanatic/participant and as an older person am now just a huge fan and wanted to give a shout out to an activity that I was brought up in, which for the most part only exists at this level in the US. If you listen, check out their complete shows too. Youtube has tons of them

Thank you Spitfire for recognizing these amazing percussion players.

Note for SA. The graphic for the samples shows American football. No self respecting World Class DCI drum corps would ever play at a football game! Well, maybe the Super Bowl. πŸ™‚


  • I went to my first DCI competition in 2016, and I'll never forget it. You cannot help but cheer and scream and go crazy for every core that performs. Blue Devils have always been my favorite :) I wish I had the opportunity to march in a core; marching is such great fun.

  • There may actually be a competition season this year now that Covid is getting under control here.

    To clarify my earlier post, our Drumline outscored theirs. Not the corps as a whole. Don't want to mislead.πŸ™‚