Re-installing ABRO from USB after fresh windows 10 install

So I had to re-install ABRO after a fresh windows install and I couldn't figure it out, but all I had to do was to pick the "remove latest update" in order for SA to sync/activate the library from the USB, thought for a moment that I wasn't able to re-install without a bothersome back and forth with support.


  • Hi Max,

    There are two stages of reset.

    1) Entire library,

    2) Latest update

    The reset limits exist separately to one another.

    We limit to two resets / repairs as per our EULA, but if you ever have issues we are more than happy to get you back up and running. In the future a new app will address this issue which we are currently developing. It will make this whole reset of, moving of and reinstalling of libraries etc much easier to control.



  • Thank you, looking forward to that as I'm kind of not set in studio....yet!