Repair multiple Instruments


Does somebody know if there is a way to repair multiple LABS instruments at a time? I frequently get an Error #2 and repairing the instruments I want to use is the fastest way on my current setup and file system. Often the problem occurs on multiple instruments at the same time, and fixing those errors one at a time is really annoying.

I hope someone can help :)

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  • Hi @Benedikt yes there is- see the link below. If you are getting Error 2, I would check your VST2 location matches that which your DAW is scanning (if you are using the VST plugin). You can find this in Spitfire App -> Settings -> VST2. If you have changed this, I would recommend setting this back to the default by clicking on the Default Button before repairing all LABS.

    NB: Repairing all LABS only repairs libraries which are marked as installed in the App. If you have a library installed, but it is not marked as installed in the App, see the link below.

  • I really wish the main Spitfire libraries had a "Repair All" function like LABS does. I've migrated computers multiple times since the start of the pandemic. It's a frustrating exercise to hunt for and repair all of the Spitfire custom player libraries, especially when LABS has Repair All and Kontakt libraries migrate seamlessly.

  • @Trevor this is feedback we've already received and something we're aware of as staff and users of our own products. I've already created a feature request got BBCSO, but will look to see if we can extend this as our dedicated plugin collection grows.