UI Scaling in LABS player


I am a new Spitfire customer who has just purchased a few of the Originals series instruments and also downloaded some LABS series libraries.

I understand that the LABS series is free, but it would be great to have a UI scaling option in the LABS player like the one in the Originals player.

I am visually impaired and run my Windows 10 desktop scaling at 150%, which makes the LABS player huge. I was able to scale the Originals player UI to 60%, and it works/looks great on my system.

I know it is difficult to justify development time/cost on a free product, but I assume that it might be as simple as porting the feature over to LABS from Originals.

Thanks for your consideration. I am loving these products so far!


  • Hi @davinwv

    Currently, you can change the GUI by dragging the bars in the bottom left corner inwards or outwards. However, the plugin does not remember the new GUI Size, so I have created a ticket with our engineering team to investigate this as a possible additional setting in the future.

  • Thanks very much, Angus. I really appreciate it! The current workaround you offered would be fine if the plugin remembered the size you set.

    If you need someone to beta test a new scaling setting, I would be happy to do so.

  • @Angus:

    I just saw that the LABS plugin got updated to v1.3.11. I haven't updated yet, but I assume that the UI scaling issue has not been corrected in this build. Hopefully, it will make it into the next update.

    Thanks again for sharing this with the development team!

  • Yes @davinwv, there is actually another update to LABS due soon, but this will not include your request, as it is yet to be looked at by the team, and further planning will most likely be required.

  • Thanks for the update, @Angus. I'm just glad that it is still on the development radar. I was setting up a LABS patch in my live host (Cantabile) for a gig this weekend, and the UI is comically large at 150% system UI scaling.