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Would this be a good place to explore and discuss ideas for future products from Spitfire Audio?

Personally, I'd like to see a middle-ground version of Eric Whitacre's Choir. Similar to how BBCSO has different levels, I'd like to see a middle option, somewhere between LABS Choir and the full EWChoir. I'm not sure I'd need all the articulations of the full choir but something with a bit more control than just the long sustain.

Also, in the Originals range it'd be great to have a 'budget' String Quartet, similar to the pack developed for Ableton Live. Along the lines of a couple of articulations, quartet across the keyboard, like Aperture Strings fully 'closed'.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next, especially where Abbey Road goes!


  • I'll be very happy to be able to have the BBC SO Pro by sections (as for the Symphony Series)

  • Lyrical Soprano Sax.

    It's such a great alternative to a Cor Anglais or Oboe, as masterfully used by James Horner in his score to Sneakers (and masterfully played by Branford Marsalis).

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  • I would love if Spitfire added the possibility to have separated instrument sections in Abbey Road One like how the BBCSO has violins 1, violins 2, violas, cellos, basses, etc. etc.

    It's the only reason I haven't jumped on buying Abbey Road yet. I know it sounds amazing and everything, I just prefer to have everything sectioned out for the way that I like to write.

    BBCSO is currently my absolute favorite library to use because it sounds great and has the individual sections.

  • Personally I really liked the BBCSO Brass update, but the horns are still missing a FF layer. This is what I would most like to see in the future.

  • I’m hoping for a library with brass mutes beyond the BBCSO offerings—harmons (stems in and out), buckets, plungers, pixie even?

    Also, a deep selection of flutes with extended tech would be cool. Contra with breath effects and key pops, alto and bass with a full range of artics.

    And I’d love to get a euphonium for Holst mock-ups!

  • Con Sord Legato Strings. I absolutely adore the sound of con sord strings, but the lack of legato is quite limiting. I think it's only available in the Chamber Strings library, which is quite expensive, and the Flautando Con Sord Legato in Albion Tundra is beautiful, but a very different sound.

  • I would love to see a Spitfire Audio MIDI CC Controller that has three faders for the major three (Dynamics, Expression, Vibrato)

    As much as I love the Monogram CC gear, its currently over $500 AU for the Traveller set which comes with buttons and knobs I don't need.

    I know you can buy the components separately but its still expensive. I think dedicated hardware to compliment the software that SA sell would be amazing and I would defo buy one if the quality was great and the price is right.

  • Nice, Jazz horns could be fun. I've floated the idea before, but perhaps a lib with a less conventionally 'classical' orchestra like Metropole Orkest.

    The irony would be "expanding" a horns library into a 'West End' pit orchestra' when pit sizes are by-and-large shrinking ? (theatre fan here)

  • a vintage soft drum kit and a celesta...

  • Olafur Arnalds Intimate Solo Strings. Something like his waves/evos but in a smaller room with a quartet, individual instruments, and legatos.

  • Olafur Arnalds Intimate Solo Strings. Something like his waves/evos but in a smaller room with a quartet, individual instruments, and legatos.

  • It would be a really nice option to install the spitfire audio app

    without the need to connect to the internet.

    Or is there a way to do it via usb transfer activation.

    Love the spirit of spitfire audio

    even i am not able to use it.


  • Upvote to Jazz Horns and Soprano Sax

    I think a jazz library with saxes and jazzier articulations would be great, although, it might be too niche.

    I think individual instrument purchases would be hard to manage given the current set-up, but I'd wish for that sort of like Orchestral Tools has for certain libraries. It'd be great to get an ensemble patch from Chamber Strings or a divisi violin section from Studio Strings to slowly flesh out my VSTs instead of saving all year for one, and then having to spend another month learning how to optimize it.

  • Whilst mentioning Orchestral Tools' sample player, it would be also amazing to have the feature of bouncing down multiple mics to (an unlimited number of) personal mixes.

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  • Wilson
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    I wish they would sample X-Japan's Yoshiki Kawai CR-40 Crystal Piano.

    It would probably be a commercial success since they have a very loyal fanbase in Asia, and are very influential in Japanese music. I've been searching for that sound for ages.

  • I am not a music professional but I play Kontakt libraries regularly for fun, often with other people. I'm aware that this is not the intended purpose of Spitfire instruments or orchestral scoring tools in general. They are, of course, at there best when meticulously programmed rather than jammed with in real time, but they are endlessly compelling.

    After about 7 years of ravenous purchasing, I've reached a stage where I've bought every instrument and ensemble I need. Anything I buy from now on is just replacing something that no longer sounds realistic in comparison to more current products. Unless, however, something especially original or unusual comes along. (I've been meaning to buy LCO Textures but I have that kind of pad-content elsewhere.)

    Among the Spitfire libraries I most find myself coming back to are the Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit and Albion 3 Iceni. I wish Spitfire would produce more of these types of libraries with ingenious instrument-combinations. The low strings with muted brass combinations in BHCT are probably my favourite patches ever : )

    I wish Spitfire would devise some sets of modest £180 libraries, covering perhaps 5 ensembles x 5 articulations (including the best legato transitions possible) across a couple of octaves - featuring ingeniously-devised combinations of 3ish orchestral or world solo or ensemble instruments. What about 3 berimbau + vinyl turntable stabs + steel drum? Or french horn, contrabass clarinet and erhu etc. There are tens of thousands of possible combinations of instruments, so the challenge is choosing ensembles people would never think of but work unexpectedly well together.

    Avant-garde instruments like a metal on stone scraping or clanking radiators are great but no more synthesizers, novelties or things going through effect processors - just acoustic sound sources. We all have Omnisphere! More British Drama Toolkit, less Contemporary Drama Toolkit. Ideally, these would be dry from Studio One. Only 2 or 3 mic positions are necessary.

    That's my wish list, thanks for reading !

  • An Originals cello, please. I'm a simple man. 🙏

  • I'm a barely adequate keyboard player, but I'm far more proficient with wind instruments. I would love, love, love for Spitfire to tackle a library made for wind controllers, such as the Yamaha WX-5, Roland Aerophone, Akai EWI, etc. I already play Spitfire instruments with wind controllers, but there are always some little quirks with that. For example, since on a wind controller both NOTE ON/OFF and CC11 control the start/stop of notes, it can result in some very unnatural releases, especially with rapid staccato phrases. Reverb tends to cut off completely along with CC11, too, which obviously doesn't sound very good. I usually have to redraw controllers after I perform a part to make it sound right. These are surmountable problems, but there's nothing as good as an instrument specifically programmed for wind controller. Roland's new Aerophone Pro has some fantastic sounds, but nothing that compares to real samples. Some hybrid libraries like SWAM sound good, too, but still don't sound authentic to my ears. Spitfire has spoiled me rotten. I want that incredible Spitfire quality with a library expertly programmed for wind controller. That's my dream instrument. :)