BBCSO+ Tundra - also "need" Intimate Strings?

Hi there,

am intrigued by the sound of Intimate Strings, and I do have BBCSO Core and Albion Tundra (not for that long though).

So, will Int.Str. offer something to me that I can't also do with my two purchased libraries (if so, how do I achieve that)?

Do I possibly suffer from G.A.S. (gear acquiring syndrome). 😋

Thanks for your thoughts/experiences...

BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra


  • I have BBCSO Core, and I got studio strings pro for that intimate quality I believe you're describing. I would think you could somewhat achieve that with Tundra, but I don't own Tundra so I wouldn't know per se. I don't think you can get that super intimate sound with BBCSO; I think that typically comes from having a closer mic in a smaller space or just quieter quality. Tundra is just very quiet dynamics, right?

    If you're still in that first month of Tundra, definitely explore the fullness of your libraries and find the weak points that you need to fill and SIT ON IT before buying something new (at least that's my approach because I definitely have G.A.S. and no money).

  • I suppose you're right gregoryd. I checked out a few YT videos. It certainly is also a good selection for composing/fiddling around with the whole keyboard range (CB, Vc, etc). Let's not feed tha G.A.S.-hunger though.... Thanks for replying.

    BBCSO Core, Albion Tundra

  • I'd say intimate strings is a very different sound, as BBCSO is a symphonic section, and Tundra is a weird alt scandi symphonic section.

    They're both very big, whereas intimate strings is... Well.. Intimate! :P

    It's quite a lot bigger than Chamber Strings, but it's still a lot smaller than the other 2.

    You don't 'need' it, but I use my chamber libraries a lot. :)

  • Intimate Strings takes you further into the territory of less-is-more. It’s the equivalent of a smaller line drawing or sketch, while BBC is like all you need for full-orchestra murals. It’s like the essential undercoat and highlights for graffiti or mainstream media. Tundra is more avant garde or expressionism. All brilliant and all different. Each of the Albions is a complete palette on its own and just focusing on the vast range of things each one can do ca take some time, But layering them with sauces like intimate strings can give you a more unique range of colours. Some people settle on being one type of artist with one palette, while others seek to paint in many genres so need to have access to many palettes. Unless you’re being driven by other people’s project briefs, only you can tell which type of artist you want to be…