Should I be picky about projects i go for or go for everything I can?

Hey. I'm a film composer but i'm really just getting started. I'm wondering if as a new composer i should try to go for as many different projects as I can. Not as in overworking myself but just putting myself out there. Or should I be pickier about the kind of projects I pursue? I'm wondering if for younger composers, this will have a big impact on their career as it progresses.


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    I can only share from my experience in filmmaking and building my production company. But I feel the same principles apply.

    I’d say take on as much as you can for the sake of getting experience, developing workflow, building relationships (this is a big one).


    That doesn’t mean you have to put it all in your portfolio. Focus on building your public facing portfolio to be the type of projects you want to do. In video production we say “Show what you want to shoot.” In time, you’ll discover there are projects you really enjoy and others not so much. This can inform the type of work you pursue.

    Again, I’m not a seasoned composer but I’ve found this approach helpful in my production company and will be applying it to entering the world of composing.

    Curious what accomplished composers have to say.