Spitfire Convert!!!!

Hi to all out there in "spitfire land", I have to say the libraries are fantastic, loving labs etc. Untill now I was an East West composer cloud user. Not any more. 2 things for me the samples are way better here for me and plus it's a British outfit and the download speeds are great. So we'll done guys and gals I'm a complete convert, and feel very inspired 😊.


  • No rules to say you can't do both, David!

    I'd always look to Spitfire for "big" purchases because I love the sound, and I love that musicians get royalties from sample sales. But this is a great time to be making music with sample libraries, there is so much great stuff out there...

  • I agree up to a point but, Iwas around Orchestral music from an early age my father was an accomplished pianist, and I also played piano, French horn and trumpet when I was a lot younger. So I'm really fussy about the quality of Orchestral sounds, and Spitfire ticks all the boxes for me.

  • I do have quite a few big libraries from other devs that I got before I heard Spitfire and sinse i have purchased quite a few of Spitfire's big libraries, to be honest, I haven't used the other libraies for a few years now and the only ones i do use which i have quite a few are choir libraries.