Notation of some of the more complex patches in the spitfire range (LCO Strings, Evolutions etc.)


Is there anywhere I can find the notations used for, for example, the 'Twitchy' and 'Granular to Ord' patches in the LCO strings library? I'm trying to figure it out myself, I imagine there was a lot of improvisation/aleatoricism in the score, but it would be lovely to see the actual notation used.

Or, if a staff member happens to read this, is there any way I can request these on an individual basis as an educational tool?



  • Hi @M1k3B

    We do not release info on how these techniques are created, as they are unique and specific to the LCO. Sorry I can't help!

  • Totally understandable! I'm a stickler for accurate notation so I was shamelessly trying to save myself some work 😅

    Thanks Angus