Spitfire Studio Orchestra

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Hello ! Does someone use Studio Orchestra here (Core or Pro) ? How do you use it ? which mixing tricks, which reverb, EQ... ?

How do you make it sound fantastic ?

What are your pros and cons ?

Do you blend them with other libraries ? which one ?

PS : I love these libraries.


  • Rickard
    edited March 2021

    I think Dan Keen uses it alot when he makes his stuff, atleast what I have seen on his youtube channel. It sounds really good when put to good use. I think the key to any library is to actually put the time and effort to learn the libraries weaknessess and strenghts. Dan makes it sound really good, even the brass that many people have critisised being the weakest. I only own the studio strings core but I really love it!

  • Pete Calandra has this video. it's a good example I think.

  • I know this vidéo... Excellent