Do Spitfire [piano] libraries support sustain pedal? [Solved]

Do Spitfire piano libraries (Orchestral Grand Piano, Originals Felt Piano, etc.) support sustain pedal functionality in a way that works like an acoustic/electric piano? I have connected an M-Audio SP2 sustain pedal to my Doepfer PK88 keyboard, but the libraries above do not seem to work with the sustain functionality. If the libraries do indeed not work with a sustain pedal, that'd be good to know; if they do, any advice on what I'm doing wrong?



  • denischernyavsky
    edited June 2021

    Never mind, figured it out :P

  • @denischernyavsky just incase anyone else comes across this... Yes- provided your sustain pedal is connected to a MIDI device that is able to output the sustain channel (CC64). Most MIDI Keyboards will have a sustain input, and this will automatically work with any of our libraries, Piano or otherwise.

  • I cannot get the Soft Piano to record the sustain pedal. I have an Nektar Impact LX61 with a midi sustain pedal. It records the sustain fine with other piano plugins, but not in Spitfire. The output is set to CC64, and like I said, it works for others. Any tips on how to solve this?

  • Hi @maffy

    I have created a support ticket for you so that our team can look into this. The best approach is most likely to send your DAW session file where the issue is demonstrated.

  • @Angus I also have Nektar T6 - similar issue where I can hear the sustain pedal on Soft Piano - but when I record in Logic Pro X - the sustain disappears