Controlling and changing articulations via midi

I'm sure this has been discussed and solved, but I can't find it...

How can I change articulation (symphonic motions) vi midi - Cubase?

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  • I just started working with the solo cello and solo violin that were offered during the last sale. The articulations change via midi velocity. This is a interesting way of going about this. The very lowest setting is pizz. As you increase the values of velocity you step through tremolo, non vibrato to vibrato. I hope this helps.

  • I think that on the Symphonic Motions it works differently, but I can't figure out how.

    Actually I hope it's even possible...

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    Hi @Adi

    It is not currently possible to keyswitch the pinboard or the articulation type from the overlay drop down currently in this library. The workaround here would be to double up on the plugin with a new track and pinboard selection.