"String Quartet by Spitfire Audio" pack in Ableton Live

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Recorded this using the "String Quartet by Spitfire Audio" pack in Ableton Live, "Short Staccato" articulation. To my ears this is the best staccato string rendition I have ever heard. Not sure if it is available in a non-Ableton form, though. Now, if only someone would come up with a really good sax vst (hint, hint)...


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    Hi @Hill - this is great, thanks for sharing! Yes, our Ableton collaboration is exclusive to Live 11, and I'll definitely pass your sax request along to the team for our records. :)

  • Awesome, It reminds me of the strange mood in Danse Macarbe.

    I'm getting the Abbey Road on Monday. The patches are great , the ones you speak of I have and use in a mishmash Orchestra... but I just want a full Orchestra , it's hard putting an Orchestra together. I have Project Sam, some Spitfire, they all sound different...and sound dated, except for the Spitfire Ableton ones.

    What you used is great and I have it and a few others.

    And after I got used to the Spitfire quality i couldn't get into the old strings.

    But the Abbey Road, it sounds like movies or games I love, I thought that sounds like Halo,...and after I checked it was actually recorded there!!

    So I'll get the Abbey Road and keep the Ableton 11 exclusive as a second palette.

    Anyway thanks it was great and you made my mind up to use both.

  • Hello #Hill

    Nice composition and changes. I thought the sax was pretty authentic and the short staccato nice and crisp.

    Well done.

    I've just got BBCSO Core so about to do the first load up using the hybrid template. - Wish me luck.