"Last Night"

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Hey everyone

"Last Night" is a music price composed and orchestrated by me 😁

Using only the BBCso core

I hope you like it..

And i will be so glad to hear your feedback

Thanks 😊


  • Sarah
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    Hi @Mo - thanks for sharing, this is so beautiful!

  • Mo
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    @Sarah thank you so much for listening 🙏

  • Good work! Nicely done :-)

  • @cdavismusic thanks for listening and I'm glad you liked it

  • Awww, the track seems to be gone... I would've liked to listen to it.

  • @Taron thanks for noticing me.. it's really seem to be deleted !

    By the way i have it on YouTube and here's the link..

    Thanks again and enjoy

  • Ah, great! Thank you, I'm listening to it now...

    Alright, you wanted feedback, right? I'll just give you my first impressions as they are...

    I definitely like the transition at 1:04 out of the somewhat stressful first minute. It's those almost sparse spiccato strings that pierce one right from the start and immediately almost prohibit the illusion of a real orchestra, despite the quality of the sounds, you know. It just doesn't feel like this is how the players would want to start. Musically, harmonically it is a very good start to raise interest and suggests a response to a greater story that preceded this. Maybe if it was a heck of a lot softer, like pp or even ppp, it would be less of a beating. Maybe even super gentle pizzicato to start it off? Or if the gentle harps would be replaced by something that would catch the energy a little more balanced. It just feels like I'm lying defenseless on the ground with someone kicking my ribs. That can be okay later, when I know what I did wrong, you know, hahaha... anyway, sorry. Again, nothing wrong at all with the musicality of it, it's a very elegant progression.

    When the flutes set in at 0:18, those spiccato strikes become really unbalanced. And again, the question would be whether to tame those strings or push something more aggressive into the leading arrangement? Just something to bring a bit more balance to it. Love the melodies, though, very nice. It's really the troublesome juxtaposition between that soothing melody and the punching strings. Odd and a bit stressful to me as I said up there. But more so, it almost ends up feeling like they wouldn't be in the same room, the violins against the rest of the ensemble, which probably triggered my impression of it, harming the illusion of a real orchestra, I think.

    But then at around 0:30 when you start to use those beautiful short, soft strokes (nope, not "that's what she said") it finally puts ones mind at ease that Core actually has more to offer, because it did feel like maybe you didn't have those articulations available in the library, like there was no other choice in the opening. But no, there they are and gorgeous they are, too. And finally realism finds it way into this and it's very soothing and picking one up to be carried into your composition. One weird stumble at 0:51 that almost feels a bit like a technical difficulty, but is just the choice of modulation and velocities, I suppose, which sort of suddenly suck the air out of the room for a bit.

    But at 1:04 this beautiful switch happens... delightful. Now I'm totally with you.

    Okay, well, if you don't hate me by now, which you shouldn't, because I also want to congratulate you on all the greatness that is in there, too, and that's what compels me to write to you in such detail, I wouldn't mind going through the rest later on. But you may also tell me to give it a rest, haha... I really don't want to force my impressions on you, but I'm absolutely enjoying to listen to your composition and analyze my reactions to it, figuring you may find them interesting, too? I hope so... if not, if you tell me within the hour (as long as I can edit this, haha), I will tame my feedback for you right away!

    Besides all that: Thank you for sharing this and I really appreciate also the glance into "Core", which I enjoy thinking about. 😊

  • @Taron

    First of all.. thanks allot for this long comment, I really appreciate your listening carefully to the details I've composed.

    From the beginning of the composition i wanted the feelings of sudden love happened to be shown very loudly inside the mind "the concept of it", so after 0:18 the start of brain storming, so that I've let all instruments to sing loudly together to support same concept.

    And from the 1:04 is tha start of emotional feelings and here's where the love story has began.

    I did it all just exactly what you felt about it, and I'm very glad that you felt it in that way.

    Also you're right about some of mixing issues i need to work on in the next one.

    By the way, soon this piece will be played in our national theatre in my country, and it will be recorded professionally.

    Thanks again for listening and comments.


  • Oh, that's awesome, you mean it's being played by a real life orchestra? That's FANTASTIC! OH, man, I seriously hope you'll get a nice recording of it for youtube and, please, post it here then, too. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it!

    Congratulations and "rock on"! 😎😁 ...really wonderful, I'm so happy for you! 😃👍️

  • Mo
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    Thanks allot mate

    And of course i will posted in here definitely