Website/Portfolio Marketing questions - what to name commercial & media compositions?

I'm somewhat new to the game of composing for media/film/tv, and as of now I don't really have a portfolio of films or TV shows that I have scored.

However, I have done a lot of composing and sound design short-form work like commercials & branded content, stuff like this. Ultimately it's not what I want to do but it partially pays the bills for now!

I'm in the process of updating my website and trying to think of the best way to label this section of my portfolio.

Currently I have personal music; music I have produced/engineered (so non-score stuff, music for artists); and then my commissioned scores and sound design for video as I mentioned. Right now I've been labelling it "Audiovisuals" but I think that might sound too vague and confuse potential clients as to what my role is (is it audio? is it visual?). But it sure sounds more catchy than "Music & Sound Design for Picture" or "Compositions for media, film, and TV" or something too wordy like that.

What do you guys do for your portfolios, especially to differentiate your personal music from your commissioned work? (i.e., regular music vs. music for picture)



  • I typically go for "Commercial Work" if it was commissioned for a client!