Original Cinamatic Pads purchased, second email never arrived with the link

Goodmorning everyone,
I bought this product yesterday, the payment was successful, I received the first email saying that I would receive a second email with the download link but, to date, still nothing ....
I have written at least three emails to support but I have not had the pleasure of receiving an answer ....
Could someone tell me what to do?
Thanks so much
Hello everybody


  • Hi! Same as you I've never received the confirmation mail after a successful paypal payment. No answer and I'm still here without cinematic pads and other three products... 🤯

  • Hi Andrea,

    This is unbelievable ....

    It is absurd not to get an answer through the emails ....

  • Steve I've received NOW the mails of confirmation. Check your mails 😨

    Best Regards

  • stevefire
    edited June 2021


    me too😁

    Best regards