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Mute Piano Mechanical Noises in Stratus?

I purchased the Ólafur Arnalds Stratus library during the last sale, but I am struggling to use it in many contexts. I love the matrix capabilities, but I did not realize until after I started playing with it that the piano samples are not a "standard" piano. They are from a player piano that I believe Ólafur owned, and there are lots of extra mechanical noises (scrapes, clicks, hammer motion, etc.) built into the samples. It sounds like the inner workings of a clock. I watched lots of demos and playthroughs, but this aspect is not really highlighted and I somehow missed it. I can tone it down a bit with EQ/filtering, but that is also impacting the quality of the piano notes.

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the extra mechanical noises? I have other (non-Spitfire) libraries that include piano mechanical noises, but there are usually some controls to dial them in & out. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • Unfortunately there isn't a way to disable this.

    The Olafur libraries are specifically curated to embed Olafurs sound as an artist. The instruments we record are largely already built in a way to provide these types of sounds which means at the recording stage we lose the ability to remove artefacts as they're part of the instrument.

  • Thanks for the response. As a future enhancement, it would be great if Spitfire could add a few additional matrix instruments, maybe a Rhythmic Waves & Looped Rhythms NKI using more standard piano samples (like you did with the Synth Matrix NKIs).

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