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Instruments almost disappear in mono

My son has used Discover to create orchestration - but when I've come to mix the project in Cubase I have found that in mono the instruments virtually disappear. Nothing seems to make a difference. I've changed from using the combined panner to balance panning and tried inverting the phase. All I do know for instance is that despite panning the strings to the left they are appearing in the centre in stereo (and actually the panning makes no difference) and then disappearing almost completely in mono until I flip the polarity. I have assumed that in creating the VST stems the panning was set sat that point. I am fairly new to music production and this is the first time we have worked with VST instruments and I haven't worked with Discover myself. But I have baffled all my tech friends (some of whom are familiar with BBCSO) with the mono issue so can only assume the fault lies in the creation of the stems.


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    @Isobel I presume you are bouncing to Mono rather than using a plugin that converts the stereo signal to Mono?

    You will lose dB level when converting a stereo signal to mono due to the natural phase that will occur when combining multiple microphone signals together- which is the case with Discover and Core (use Mix 1 from BBC SO Pro).

    If it is the case that the sound level disappears completely, please feel free to reach out to our team at www.spitfireaudio.com/support with copy of your Cubase session and an audio file that demonstrates the issue.

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