Forcing Tempo Synced Patches to multiple of tempo

I was wondering what methods everyone on here employs when they need a tempo synced patch to be at a different tempo than what your timeline is set to.

So far I'm still going the fun route of making subprojects and just working with audio, however I could imagine this could become very annoying when recuts are flying in by the hour.

I've been tempted to mess around with Bidule, but would be interested if anyone else has good ideas for other workarounds.

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  • For Kontakt libraries, you can turn off the external tempo sync, and just set a different tempo directly in the Kontakt instance. I don't think this is currently an option in the Spitfire player as of yet, though.

  • @Justin

    I am aware of turning off the sync, however that won't help with tempo maps; however I did manage to get it working in Bidule, just seems a bit annoying having to go round that effort, but now it's just a preset and takes only a couple extra clicks.

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