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BBCSO Discover/Core Minimum requirements

I have recently considered upgrading from Discover to Core until noticed the minimum processor requirement of i5 - my laptop is only a humble i3. But wandering around the site, I noticed that Discover actually has the same minimum requirement, yet it runs fine on my i3 machine!

Is there any chance that core would do the same?


  • Processing and RAM are always suggestions despite how heavy they may be. My old Mac was capable of running Discover and Core pretty easily. I couldn't create a template by any means with either of them due to RAM constraints. Core was fine on my older system because you can offload the articulations you aren't using.

    *I would definitely recommend investing into your hardware at a similar rate as investing into your libraries. I switched to using Cubase on my gaming PC shortly (1 month) after getting Core; this had about 16GB of RAM. This past month I went up to 64GB of RAM and got Studio Strings Pro (storage constraints are also important to keep track of).

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    @davidellis20 Discover has a significantly lower CPU footprint, which is why you are able to run it with minimal problems. Core has a higher CPU requirement due to the higher amount of samples at play at any moment, as round robins, and dynamic layers are both significantly increased (eight and up to three respectively). I would recommend upgrading specifically if you are looking to run a large orchestral template in the future.

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