Thoughts on Originals Cinematic Pads?

I really like this library. The range of tones and dynamics on offer is really useful. The distortion control was a brilliant idea and really adds a lot to certain pads if used in conjunction with tension swells. This is a library that you really have to “play” with a controller. Even more so than something orchestral.

What are your thoughts on this and how will you be using it?


  • I haven't got it yet but I will be getting it in the next few days.

    It really does sound great as a stand alone instrument but I can see myself using it under orchestral works to beef up the sound but just enough to do the job and make it all sound wider and fuller.

    I imagine it will sound great as it was made from orchestral sources.

  • Cinematic Pads waits in my cart--I anticipate layering it (not that it actually needs layering :-) with CDT, perhaps Omnisphere, as well.

  • Loooooooove it. Definitely worth the $29. Some really beautiful sounds..... out of the 10 or so $29 Spitfire libraries I've bought it's already one of my favs.

  • So...if you've been purchasing the library's for $ comes here in the UK it costs us £29...??? I missing something ??

  • Hi I think the answer to your question has some thing to do with the equations and fluctuations around VAT and international exchange rates . As of writing 29 Euros are worth roughly 24.9 Pounds sterling .I paid £ 24.17 + £4.83 VAT for cinematic pads giving a grand total purchase price of £ 29.00. Similar thing for Yankee Dollars.

    I consider the price is fair for the libraries in question and think it would be unreasonable that such bargains should vary in price according to fluctuations in currency , with all the attending work needed to monitor the situation and edit websites etc etc I’m certain these libraries might cost a lot more.

  • hi, I've been trying this fantastic library for a few minutes, being a great lover of sounds of this genre for my musical hobby. Right now I'm only testing native presets in live ableton 11 adding convulsion reverb and delay effects of max / msp. Heavenly sounds are coming out. Thanks to the Spitfire developers for this beautiful sound library which I highly recommend to all fans of this musical genre. Best regards from Naples ( Italy) 🙂


  • Actually it's one of the best pads library I've ever used..

    It fits almost every other libraries and sounds..

    Mostly.. i like to match it with firewood felt piano or the originals cinematic soft piano.

  • I always loved the pad sounds within the Albion libraries, and I'm really glad to add Cinematic Pads to my collection. There is one little (and slightly annoying) downside though. Since the Distortion slider is not pre-mapped to a MIDI CC, I can't just assign a random knob on my controller and be done with it. I can't overwrite the original patches, therefore have to save new patches which makes it unnecessarily uncomfortable to use them within Komplete Kontrol. If a support staffer reads this, kindly pass it on to the programming team for a future update. 👋