Can Spitfire Audio libraries be used with notation software, and if so, to what extent?

Hey! I am a pretty young composer who recently joined the forum in hope of educating myself on whether I should purchase my first Spitfire Audio library. Because I am young, I don;t have access to credit cards and money, so I use the free, open-source notation software MuseScore. MuseScore has recently announced that in a future update in September, VST support will finally be available (for more info visit! While I was looking around for affordable VSTs, I came across Spitfire Audio through LABS and BBCSO Discover, and I was very happy to see this. However, a bit more searching went by and I realized that VSTs aren't made for notation software, although some have succeeded with them. I don't plan to use a DAW anytime soon due to affordability and I was wondering to what extent Spitfire's libraries would work with notation softwares? Another variable in this is that MuseScore has said it is changing from a notation software to a "composition software", but they were unclear on what new features this would add, like if DAW capabilities would be added, but I don't think I could find anything about that on here. Anyways, I was just wondering if the libraries could be used with notation software because if so, I would love to compose with them :)