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Controller Assignments Not Saving


I remapped a MIDI CC assignment in BBCSO Core. When I did this at first, I selected the "Copy settings to all Spitfire Audio products" and all my plugins had the new mapping.

But after opening the same project again, that has been forgotten, and now the "copy settings" isn't copying, meaning I have to go through each instrument and re-map them. Am I missing something?



  • PJ,

    I'd like to know this, too.

    BTW, can you tell me where to find the "Copy settings to all Spitfire Audio products" command?


  • GJ,

    if you click on the gear wheel in the plug-in (upper right) it should come up as an option.

  • PJ,

    I don't see it anywhere in mine. I clicked the "gear" icon in Kontakt and also the one in my individual instrument but never found that option. Are you using the full version of Kontakt? I only have the player.

    I wish I could get my Expression/Dynamics/Vibrato faders set up to work with all of my instruments without having to set everything up every time I load a new sound. Hopefully someone will answer your post soon.

  • @GJ,

    I'm using BBCSO Core, which doesn't use Kontakt. It actually has its own plug-in, so that may be your issue.

    For what it's worth, I mapped my dynamics to a fader and it saved, but I had to save it as a MIDI Controller preset. What DAW/controller are you using? I use Logic Pro X and an Akai MPK249

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