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BBC Core - NKS Compatible [Solved]

What does NKS Compatible actually mean? I should be able to open the Spitfire plug-in inside Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt? Use the light guide on my S49?

I noticed I can play previews in Komplete Kontrol as they appear, but there is no plug in.

Thanks for any help...


  • In my experience, "NKS compatible" just means it contains specific files to be able to load the instrument/articulations in Kontakt. The Spitfire plugin is its own thing so you don't need Kontakt. If you google "NKS Compatible" it should show you a list of products that operate in the Native Instruments ecosystem.

    The Spitfire libraries that have NKS all utilize Kontakt to open properly, and the newer ones use the Spitfire plugin. It is to my understanding that any library that uses the Spitfire plugin is not NKS compatible. Meaning, there is no Kontakt file that you can use to put that instrument or articulation in Kontakt. I don't know anything about what files Komplete Kontrol uses (I just know I can open nki files in it); I assume it's the same as Kontakt.

    Inversely, the older Spitfire libraries don't open in the Spitfire plugin. They are Kontakt files.

  • Hi

    I thought that BBCSO IS NKS compatible. All the pretty leds on your S series keyboard should show where keyswitches, playable regions etc are. You can also scroll through articulations etc directly from your S keyboard.

    NKS is not specific to Kontakt libraries. It's how the library integrates with your hardware......I think 😉

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    @PeterRaymond NKS means that the plugin will show up in the Komplete Kontrol player, and are fully compatible with Komplete Kontrol keyboards in terms of mapping. Libraries that use our dedicated plugin cannot be used with Kontakt.

  • Thanks very much folks - very helpful.

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