Tips & Tricks to enhance the performance

I recently had the opportunity to upgrade to the new Pro Tools free of charge for 2 years. (otherwise i'm not sure I would have). I arrange a lot of strings for pop/rock music. There's a new feature in Pro Tools where you can now drag audio into a midi or instrument channel and it'll convert the file instantly to midi.

Now for individual monophonic playing styles on a quartet I've found this is fantastic for creating an extra bit of depth with some of the Spitfire audio samples underneath. The fact that the midi is synced identical to the players makes the process super simple. I use avid mostly due to my own personal workflow & experience with it, otherwise I don't think i'd touch them these days. I've purchased the latest Cubase & Logic and am playing around with those. What I like about the pro tools function is that it captures the dynamic of performance really well too. So in a very lazy way it makes my life much much easier.

Have you found any tips & tricks that help you create more depth or natural performance or anything else really that you'd love to share?

Love the idea of a community form around this!