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Purge samples in Spitfire player?

A while ago I made a BBCSO template for FL-Studio, wich works really well for me and saves me a lot of time. There is one major problem I have with it though: it takes really long to load all the samples into memory every time open it. I am aware, that you are able to remove single techniques, but even if I remove all of them except for one it only cuts the ram usage roughly in half and makes my template a lot less convenient to use. Is there any way to work around this in FL-Studio? If not, I would love if Spitfire could add a purge feature (similar as in Kontakt for example). I know that many other DAWs allow users to purge samples but I would like to stick with FL since I am used to it.


  • Angus
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    @Garbage191817 there is currently not a way to purge samples, other than the way you have already suggested. I believe FL has a facility called Smart Disable, which allows you to disable the plugin. So you may prefer a workflow where plugins are disabled until they are enabled for use in the template. This will meant the template load time will be much quicker.

  • @Angus sadly, this feature does not prevent the samples from loading into memory. As far as I am aware it is meant to decrease CPU-usage (which is currently not a problem for me). Thank you anyway for the suggestion!

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