Orig!nals Pianos

Hello there, what are your thoughts of the different Originals Pianos?

Are they worth, to have them all, especially Felt Piano, Cinematic Soft Piano and Firewood Piano.

I already own Felt Piano, would you recommend to get the others, too?

Thanks for your input.


  • Bjorn…I think you have asked a very difficult couple of question here to answer . I have many pianos in my palette because pianos are “born’’ things…just like babies they are the same but uniquely also very so different . As for value the soft series are worth it to me because they are sonically unique across the various versions and they cost £$€ 29 so in relation anyone’s pocket they are a bargain….one is even free. That’s cheaper than a round of drinks for you and a couple of friends in some countries.

    My advice is really listen to the demos and walkthroughs …see if the instruments inspire you …for me that’s the ultimate test.

    Best DES

  • I have both Cinematic and Firewood. I had Firewood on my wish list for a long time, but just hadn't purchased it until last week. I've used both for several projects already. They are both great for a variety of purposes. My favorite so far is Firewood. It - just like each of them - has a certain character that is difficult to reproduce otherwise.

    Final word: they are a steal. Get them all! :)

    (I don't have felt - yet - because I have NI Noire.)

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  • I have all three and I use all three of them. But in terms of used the most to the least, of these three I would say Cinematic, Felt and then Firewood. But that's just my opinion and the order I would purchase them in if I was starting from scratch but also somehow had the experience with each that I have.

  • I have both Felt and Cinematic, and.. They aren't the same at all, in my own way.

    Felt is very warm, and easy to use. But sometimes it's quite difficult to make it appear in your mix.

    Cinematic is somehow more bright, but with many effect, and it uses a lot of ram..

    I think you can approach the Cinematic sound with the Felt, in addition of a lot of reverb, eq , and texture / lush pad..

    But for 29$/€, if you can afford it... Buy it! 😁

  • Handy summary from Spitfire: https://community.spitfireaudio.com/discussion/124/originals-piano-comparison

    I am tempted by the Felt, just based on how lovely (and how limited...) the LABS Piano is in a mix. If the Felt gives me a few more options in that general world, I'm happy...