eDNA Earth patches organized [UNOFFICIAL]

Hello! I have in my spare time for a few weeks organized eDNA Earths library into "role" -> cartidges. This made the work flow so much easier and faster to find the right patches i want. I asked Spitfire support if it was okay to share it since a few people had asked me before to share it when I was done, and it is okay as long as I am clear that this is not an official patch from spitfire but my own creation with folders. Also disclamer: If you update eDNA in the future all the folders will go back to how it was before. So my hard work will be undone I learned today from support :(.

Here is the dropbox link in case you want to use it for yourself! What you need to do is to also "Batch re-save" in kontakt and show kontakt where the "Instrument" folder is. Then it should be good to go!


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    @Rickard the library was recently updated, so there I wouldn't expect there to be an update soon that would overwrite your work here. That said, the workaround here would be to use the Quick Load feature in Kontakt, which enables you to organise your .nki files. As this does not rely on restructuring the folders, it will not be affected by updates.

  • Thanks Angus! I will take a look at quickload in kontakt :)

  • Much appreciated! I just bought eDNA Earth along with BBCSO Pro in the summer sale bundle, and having the instruments organized like this is significantly more manageable.