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If you delete a technique and re-add it back, it doesnt load with its' default keyswitch.

More specifically, the keyswitch for the technique isn't the same as when you load it in as default, it's blank.

This really ruins simplistic templates, especially for FL Studio users who use BRSO Articulate.

It means we can't just have pro open on every instrument with just legato, and add on all the other techniques you need. Instead you've got to have every single technique added already, or for every technique you re-add you have to figure out which keyswitch it was originally supposed to be assigned to - which is a great deal more effort than it's worth.

I feel like it should be the base behaviour to load a technique in with it's default settings anyway, can we get this added next patch please?


  • Angus
    Angus admin
    100 Comments 100 Likes 5 Answers Spitfire Employee

    Hi @monodude

    This is expected behaviour of the current plugin rather than a bug. I have, however, noted this down for our engineers to look at, as from a user perspective, the default keyswitch should also be loaded back in. In the meantime, the workaround is to reload the patch again, and then remove the techniques you do not wish to use.

  • Thanks Angus.

    Adding this will really help people using full templates.

    Also related, I'm not seeing an FL Studio template on The Page even though Christian has mentioned it before, is there any reason it's missing / removed?

  • Angus
    Angus admin
    100 Comments 100 Likes 5 Answers Spitfire Employee

    @monodude I'm not aware there was one available previously (though I could be proven wrong). As far as I know, nothing ever gets removed from The Page unless requested by the original author.

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