Kontakt 6


So, I can get Kontakt 6 at a discounted price (£112) but what are the advantages over Kontakt Player?

I don't see myself making my own sounds so this question relates to just using it with e.g. Studio Orchestra Pro or any of my other Spitfire Kontakt Player libraries.

Ah! I can load 16 instruments/ articulations into one instance of Kontakt 6. Hmmm, and so what?

What are the benefits?




  • relating to SA instruments specifically? Not many advantages in your case. They appear to be phasing out Kontakt.

    Let's see... you'll be able to load the libraries that don't support Kontakt Player. I have the harp, marimba and mandolin swarms and orchestral grand... btw for that price having the option to use non library instruments opens up a world of possibilities, as there are thousands of instruments out there that Kontakt player doesn't support.

    And of course you can modify instruments to suit. For example the Spitfire contrabass tuba didn't go quite low enough for me, so I popped the hood so to speak and extended the range of the lowest note. (just for the one piece naturally) Some instruments have tuning anomalies. You can fix that. And so on.

    Each instance of Kontakt supports 64 midi channels, not 16, but your CPU takes less of a hit with separate instances. That said some products (nothing by Spitfire) make excellent use of Kontakt being able to function as a multi. A good example is Realivox Blue...

    Me - I'd buy it . But I like to tinker with instruments and make a few of my own as well.


  • Having the full version of Kontakt gives you access to a plethora of libraries, most of which are not available for Kontakt Player.

    If you're like me and use predominantly Spitfire products then maybe you don't necessarily need it since I assume all of the Spitfire libraries work in Kontakt Player? It doesn't hurt to have it though, especially at that price.

    It's also one of those "better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it" kind of things, for me at least.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind if they moved all of their libraries to their own Spitfire Player as I kind of like it more for its simpler look and layout.

  • Hi @Edward and @Traz

    Thanks for the replies!

    So for Player libraries there is no significant benefit but it means I have more options for future purchases.

    I'll give it some thought. I think I have a month to get Kontakt 6 at the reduced price.



  • @Steve Shaw not only does it give you a few more options on the Spitfire Audio site, there's also a ton of Indie developers that create sample libraries in the full version of Kontakt. A lot of which can be found at Pianobook.

  • Hi @Angus

    Thanks for that.

    Looking into it a little more I think that if I get Kontakt 6 at the reduced price (£112) it then opens an upgrade path to Komplete 13 for £179.50! I don't know anything about the 14 synths but the 30 sampled instruments (Noire, Una Corda etc etc) that retail at £89 to £129 each look excellent value for that upgrade price!

    Oh dear! My poor wallet!

  • Is anything new in the 6th version?