BBCSO - articulation switching using program change

i'm trying to switch articulations using program change and i can't make it work. my daw (reaper) sends proper midi messages but they are ignored by plugin, is that a bug in spitfire plugin? has anyone here made it work? any tips?


  • Hi @Tomasz, this sounds like one for our team to look into. If you can send us a screenshot of your plugin settings, and then a copy of your Reaper file that exhibits the error, this would assist our troubleshooting.

  • ok here are 2 version of simple test. one with channel selected articulation switch works correctly, one with program change ignores the articulation switch completely.

  • Hi @Tomasz, thanks for your file. I've had a quick look and also tested in Logic, and can confirm that the Programme Change keyswitching technique is currently not available. I have raised a ticket with our engineering team. If you want to be notified when an update is, feel free to create a ticket on our system reference this forum post.

  • I'm very new to this type of composing. I think I might have a similar issue, so I'll comment here. I was having trouble playing live with keyswitching (BBCSO Core), mainly due to my staccato articulations being SO MUCH louder than my legato ones. So I tried creating a MIDI file through Sibelius (without adding keyswitching notes in the original score) and I can't seem to get the articulations to change when I add the keyswitch notes manually. Is this, 1) at all related to the problem @Tomasz asked about, 2) a result of me misunderstanding how keyswitch works, or, 3) an unanticipated problem with the software (either with Spitfire or with REAPER) that only allows adding in manual articulations if the parts were played live to the track?

  • Hi @WellWorthItMusic

    I would not suggest using our plugins with Sibelius as they are designed to be used in Digital Audio Workstations. In terms of the Staccato articulation being much louder, I'd check out what velocities you are using as short articulation dynamics are linked to velocity rather than CC1/ Modulation/ Dynamics.

  • Hi everyone, new user here. I just started using BBCSO in ProTools, and I have the same problem, the program changes for switching articulations don't do anything. Has there been a fix for this by now? Would be great since not being able to switch articulations does disrupt the work flow a lot (having to record every articulation separately and then piecing it together as audio files).

    Thanks in advance for any help or solution.