Spitfire Labs "Install & Restart" failing

When I launch the Spitfire app (i.e. the updater), it gives me this message:

Spitfire Audio Update: This version of Spitfire (3.2.17) must be updated, please click the button below to automatically update to 2.2.20 released 9 Mar 2021.

It spins a while and then says "Ready to Install," but when I press the "Install and Restart" Button, it does NOT restart. Every time I want to update, this happens.

I've tried:

  • deleting the app, and re-downloading it from the site, but, upon launching, it said the same thing, and rinse/repeat: same outcome.
  • on at least three occasions, deleting all associated files (except audio files which are stored on a separate drive), and it works for a while until it needs to update again. Then, again, "install & restart" problem again.

Also, on occasions when I do I re-install, the Spitfire app fails to recognize that I've already downloaded the samples, and re-downloads all of them, or at least takes that long.


Mac, OS 10.14.5

Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.3.1

LABS aax plugin v. 1.3.8-d7352160

BBC Symphony Orchestra aax plugin v. 1.2.0-a3eee91

Spitfire Audio app 3.2.17