Mapping Key Switches to Studio One 5.2 Sound Variations

Is it at all possible to map the Articulations found in the "Originals" to Studio One 5.2 Sounds Variation functionality ? Any ideas ? Tips ? Tricks ?


  • Key switches for BBCSO Core in Presonus Studio One 5.2.

    Just add them to "C:\Users\Terry\Documents\Studio One\Presets\User Presets\Key Switches"

    You can then add an automation to a track set it to Sound Variations and use different articulations in the one instrument track. There is a video on youtube that shows you how to do this.



  • Angus
    Angus admin
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    Hi @PaulC

    Keyswitching is not possible with the Originals series as each technique has an individual preset.

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